DATE: 10/8/02 TIME: 2.10pm



Guest came in demanding to know why all the rides were closed everywhere she went with her children, complaining that there was nothing to do. She was really disappointed that the Demon was closed for it's annual refurbishment, and even more upset that the Sky Rider was closed due to high winds that afternoon. X is a Wonderpass holder, Member Number: #####, and is very disappointed with the status of the park, she says she will not be renewing her pass again in the following year. She said she also had trouble at one of the food outlets in Gold Rush, when attempting to purchase a drink from the outlet the cast member rudely said it was closed and they were not going to serve her. She said it was a complete rip off for what was on offer.


Y came in and confirmed the rides that were down during the day and X still was not satisfied with what was said. She said she was going to sit down and work out which ones were closed herself and send in a formal letter. She kept reiterating that she was a wonderpass holder and was going to tell everyone she knew not to get a wonderpass because it was a crappy place to come, and that she was not going to renew either.

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